360° Programme

The DFF is part of the large-scale model programme 360° – Fund for New City Cultures of the Federal Cultural Foundation, which supports 39 cultural institutions nationwide in opening up interculturally and reaching out to people that have not been addressed in the past. To achieve this goal, an outreach manager and a diversity manager have been working as 360° agents at the DFF since June 2019.

Under the guidance of the 360° agents, we will examine closely how we can best reflect society’s diversity in our staff, programming and audience engagement . The active involvement of our staff in the process creates the preconditions for sustainable changes on the way to opening our house further to hitherto underrepresented groups.

A start has been made: staff members from all departments of the DFF deal with topics related to diversity and inclusion in regular working group meetings, train themselves with regard to simple and interculturally sensitive language and expand the programme of the house with (online) exhibitions, film series and workshops.

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360° Programme

Why does the DFF participate in the

360° programme?

Podcast: A conversation with Aida Ben-Achour, DFF Outreach Manager

As an institution with global connections, the DFF works actively from the culturally diverse metropolis of Frankfurt am Main to shape an open society. This is also set out in the our mission statement.

Migration has decisively shaped coexistence in Frankfurt as well as throughout Germany and will continue to do so in the future. By participating in the 360° programme, the DFF has made it its mission to reach out more to people with a migration history and to create ways for them to actively participate. To this end, the DFF team wants learn from migrant communities in Frankfurt, address them in a more targeted way and involve them more in its activities. We strongly feel, that only by doing so will our house remain a lively place for film culture in the future.

While for many years, the DFF cinema has been presenting films and events with guests from all over the world, often in collaboration with other local groups or organisations. The festivals and film series organised by the DFF focus on current filmmaking and film history in different parts of the world.

While the DFF’s this openness has almost become a matter of course in the cinema programme and at the festivals, there is still more need for action in other areas. Participation in the 360° programme provides the DFF with the necessary resources for sustainable measures.

First results of DFF’s intercultural work in the 360° programme


The opening of the DFF to the diverse communities and the sustainable structural reorganisation in the areas of staff policy, exhibition and event planning as well as addressing the public are a long process that the entire team is expected to support. Participation in working groups and training courses are supposed to create a greater awareness of diversity-related issues among the entire team. The measures set out in the Diversity Working Group are to be successively implemented to ensure that the DFF remains a lively, open place for film culture.

The 360° Programme

With the programme 360° – Fund for New City Cultures, the Federal Cultural Foundation supports cultural institutions in dealing more concretely with migration and cultural diversity and in creating new access and visibility for groups in society that have not been adequately reached so far. To this end, the model programme promotes a variety of approaches aimed at diversity-related openness in the areas of programming, audience and staff.

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