Lichtspielplatz // Light Playground

A film exhibition for children 3 to 8 years


Starting: December 2023

From December 2023, the “Lichtspielplatz” exhibition will offer children between the ages of three and eight the opportunity to discover the art of film in a playful way.

The exhibition begins in a specially equipped theater, where children, their families and caregivers watch short films from many countries and all eras of film history. Most of these films were not made explicitly for children, but they all have one thing in common: they are suitable for young children. They do not use many words, are poetic and stimulate the imagination. Included are experimental films as well as documentaries, animations and abstract films.


Free rein for creativity and play: Numerous installations by the Dutch artist collective Taartrovers invite children to playfully learn and try out cinematic means:

In the Sound House, for example, children can experience how sound and music bring a film to life. Here, they can create their own images to music, and silent films can be set to live sound with the help of household appliances, musical instruments and their own voices.

The Light Lab offers the opportunity to play with color, light, shadow and projection and provides a first introduction to the basics of cinema technology.

The Play Studio explores fundamentals of image composition. The children can create a stage area by themselves. For this purpose, textiles and props are provided. Costumes help the children to become a part of the movie world that they have created and designed for themselves and to play on the set. Looking through the camera, the children perceive their scene cinematically.

At the Moving Images station, everything revolves around the illusion of the moving image: How is it possible for individual images to blend into one? How is motion generated? With the help of IPads and light pads, children can create their own thaumatrope (an optical toy popular in the 19th century that creates the impression of movement with only two motifs) or create and watch a stop-motion film with wooden toy cars.