English Podcast “Everything is film” // Part 2: DFF Director Ellen Harrington about the acquisition of the Collection Werner Nekes

The Werner Nekes Collection, with around 25,000 objects on the history of the visual arts and seeing, is one of the largest collections of its kind in the world. It is as unique as it is outstanding in its diversity and scope. It not only documents visual culture since the early modern times, but also concerns itself with early forms of visual storytelling from a global perspective and with objects from numerous continents. It has been a great success to be able to keep the collection in Germany.

In this second episode of the new English-language podcast series „Everything is film“, Frauke Haß talks to Ellen Harrington about the joint acquisition of  the Nekes-Collection by DFF, Theaterwissenschaftliche Sammlung der Universität zu Köln and Filmmuseum Potsdam.

Since the late 1960s, Werner Nekes has acquired historical visual media, projection apparatuses, graphics, optical toys, shadow figures, photographs, image carriers as well as related illustrations of historical pictorial practices, and books on optical effects. His library contains 5,550 books. Amongst the approximately 2,400 optical apparatuses are peep-boxes, Laterna Magicae with a rich treasure of Laterna Magica images, phantasmagorias, perspective and shadow theaters, as well as optical toys and early film equipment.

Ellen M. Harrington
Ellen Harrington
Frauke Haß
Frauke Haß

The acquisition of the Werner Nekes Collection


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Do you like what you hear? We’re looking forward to your comments, ideas and suggestions on social media.

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