Innovative Packaging Solutions For Storage And Conservation of 20TH Century Cultural Heritage Of Aretefacts Based On Cellulose Derivative

The DFF was a partner in the EU-funded Nemosine project that aimed to set new standards for preserving and conserving Europe’s audiovisual heritage. The goal was to develop “intelligent packaging” that can prevent or cure the irreversible degradation of films, photos and audio recordings. The starting point were cellulose-based substrates, including nitrate and acetate films, which make up a large part of the stock held by European film archives. Unlike conventional film storage cans, the intelligent packaging is equipped with the latest technology, such as active acetic acid adsorbers and nanosensors that measure acetic acid, moisture, oxygen and nitrogen levels. In the event that the material has already been damaged, natural anti-fungal agents will be released in a controlled manner. The project helped to improve the conventional methods of storage, to save on energy costs and to increase the life span of audiovisual objects.

The consortium is made up of a total of 16 partners, including four archives, whose task is to define the requirements for the intelligent packaging and to validate the product. The DFF, together with Filmoteca Valencia, is responsible for the film sector.

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Project Duration

2019 – 2022

Contact at DFF

Kerstin Herlt
Phone: +49 69961220-621



This project was funded by the Horizon2020 Programme of the EU.