About the DFF Cinema

The DFF cinema, which dates back to the Kommunales Kino (municipal cinema) that opened in 1971, is the heart of our institution. With 131 seats, the DFF cinema lets patrons experience film culture directly, let themselves get carried away and be touched by stories from around the world. Cinema is a sensual experience. The DFF cinema always focuses on the artistic value of the films shown, looks for special aesthetics, accompanies current social and political debates and ensures the highest visual and acoustic quality with its modern projection technology. We screen works relevant to film history and  outstanding contemporary productions alike, if possible always in their original version. The Kommunales Kino’s motto to show “different films differently” remains at the heart of our programming work. Films are shown as part of a film series and often invited guests join screenings for film talks and discussions with the audience.

As a rule, the program focuses on two large series each month. Often one of them is closely related to DFF’s current special exhibition. Sometimes they are classic retrospectives, sometimes they offer an overview of the film production of individual countries, sometimes they create an associative panorama on specific genres or themes.

The series Classics & Rarities shows classics from the canon of international film history as well as documentary, short and experimental films that are rarely shown on the big screen. The series “Was tut sich – im deutschen Film?” (“What’s going on – in German film?”) is dedicated to current German film productions and is organised in collaboration with the film magazine epd Film. After each “Was tut sich” screening, directors, actors and a film critic discuss the film with the audience.

Dialogue with the audience is also central to our Lecture & Film series. In cooperation with the Goethe University in Frankfurt, the film series focuses on a special topic each academic year, accompanying university seminars about filmmakers such as Chantal Akerman, Věra Chytilová, Jean-Luc Godard, Agnès Varda or Jia Zhangke.

The Cult Movies series on Fridays and Saturdays offers the extreme and the unusual, the offside and the subversive – from trash to the artistic avant-garde.

Film Club Treppe 41 shows selected films alternating with the Cult Movies series: club members present their current recommendations and invite the audience to talks and drinks after the screening.

Every Friday and Sunday afternoon, the DFF cinema shows films for children that are sophisticated as well as entertaining.

Cinema of the DFF
Cinema of the DFF

The DFF cinema is fully equipped to present film in many digital and anaolog formats: digital DCPs, DVD, Blu-Ray and all common video formats such as Beta-SP, Digibeta and HDCam. As an archive and museum cinema, our cinema also continues to screen all classic film formats – from Super 8 to 16 mm, 35 mm to 70 mm. Dolby Digital and dts guarantee best sound quality. Our screen measures almost three by seven metres.



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