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The Photo Archive holds about 2.3 million photos and slides of national and international film productions. The collection spans the early years – including classics like Robert Vienna’s DAS CABINET DES DR. CALIGARI and Sergeij M. Eisenstein’s BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN – to current productions, such as Peter Jackson’s HOBBIT trilogy (2012-2014) and Til Schweiger’s HONIG IM KOPF (2014).

DFF’s close contacts to distributors and publishers ensure the continous expansion of the holdings. The latest German and foreign productions are often already included in our archive before they are released in cinema. We hold an amlost complete collection of stills from feature films shown in Germany after 1945, which makes our archive a top address for museums, publishing houses, television stations, magazines and newspapers.

In addition to the original advertising photos of German silent films, the archive keeps a special treasure trove of so-called ‘forbidden’ images, photos whose publication was prohibited by the censorship authorities of the Weimar Republic. Stills relating to films from the Nazi era are also documented in an extraordinarily comprehensive manner, however this material is accessible for scientific purposes only.

DFF’s extensive portrait and star postcard collection dates back to the 1910s and contains a large number of pieces with dedications and autographs. Those who are looking for set photography and photos documenting film technology, studios, costumes, cinemas and cinema advertising will find what they are looking for in special collections.


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