(20 -24 July 2022 at the DFF cinema)

Terza Visione

After facing major challenges due to the pandemic, the 8th edition of TERZA VISIONE finally returns to the DFF cinema this year, keeping the very positively received extension of the festival duration: From Wednesday to Sunday, July 20-24, 2022, a journey through the colorful and diverse world of Italian genre cinema awaits interested parties and fans!


Andreas Beilharz
Phone: 069 – 961 220 504
Email: Beilharz@dff.film

“Terza Visione” means “Third Season” and is borrowed from a term formerly used in Italy for second-run cinemas. The focus of the festival is on popular Italian cinema from the 1950s to the 1980s, which in its heyday accounted for a large part of national film production and was successfully exported all over the world. The sheer scope of this cinematic cosmos produced different metamorphoses and artistic signatures, which the festival program illuminates in a multifaceted way with introductions by experts.

The spectrum of countries represented in this year’s edition of TERZA VISIONE will be deliberately expanded: one of the festival days will be an “international day” to take into account transnational co-productions and aesthetic influences of the European genre cinema heyday of the 1960s and 70s. At a time when strengthening nationalist tendencies are leading to gruesome consequences, softening the strict focus on Italian productions seems like an appropriate move for the festival team. It also takes into account that “Terza Visione”, the third viewing, in Italy itself could include not only Italian films, but films from all over the world. Furthermore, it was once also the film industries themselves that pushed the European idea, to satisfy the audience’s hunger for ever new stories.

As one of the highlights of this year’s edition, we are excited to announce an ultra-rare one-of-a-kind print of Jean Rollin’s chilling romantic magnum opus LA ROSE DE FER (The Iron Rose, 1973), salvaged from France. Further titles in the program include OMICRON (Herr Doktor, die Leiche lebt, 1963) by Ugo Gregoretti and LA POLIZIA NON PUÒ SPARARE (The Berserker, 1974) to pay tribute to the furious triumvirate of Umberto Lenzi, Tomás Milián and Henry Silva.

More announcements on the festival program as well as on guests from Italy, will follow soon.

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