DFF Film Distribution

DFF Film Distribution

DFF Film Distribution

DFF Film Distribution

DFF Film Distribution

DFF Film Distribution

The DFF film distribution department offers both analog and digital distribution copies of films preserved in the DFF film archive, including numerous restorations. In addition to featuring classic German films from the silent era and early sound films, we proudly distribute important works from the post-war period, especially from the Federal Republic of Germany and the New German Cinema era. Our collection also includes notable international films.

The DFF has consistently expanded its film collection over the past few decades through various partnerships. It has acquired distribution rights and a significant number of distribution prints from KirchMedia, collaborated with Munich-based Prokino Film Distribution, Studiocanal, and Paramount to add contemporary German and European films, as well as international classics, to its collection. The primary focus here is on German, French, Italian, and contemporary American films.

The copies from the DFF’s distribution stock are primarily intended for loan to art-house and municipal cinemas, international film museums, festivals, and educational institutions, including universities.

Contact us

Friedrich-Bergius-Straße 5
65203 Wiesbaden, Germany

Markus Wessolowski (Distribution)
Phone: +49 611 9700 – 010
Fax: +49 611 9700 – 015
EMAIL: wessolowski@dff.film

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A selection of films available for distribution:

Distribution Catalog

We offer 16mm and 35mm film prints, as well as DCPs and Blurays for non-commercial distribution. Prices are per screening (plus 7% VAT and shipping costs).

Click here to download/view our distribution program in PDF format:

Contact us to learn more about the technical condition of copies from the Film Archive’s collection and more available titles.

* Prices without screening rights; please contact our film archive for details.

How to book a film

Film Bookings

To book a film, please send an email with the signed film order form (DOC) to  wessolowski@dff.film.


For licensing, please send an email to wessolowski@dff.film with the signed screening rights contract (DOC).

Shipping costs

Due to the ongoing energy crisis and the repercussions of the shipping companies’ restructuring, we regret to inform you that we are currently compelled to suspend our flat-rate shipment offer. We kindly request you to provide us with the customer numbers of the shipping companies you prefer to use for shipping. Only in exceptional cases, supported by valid reasons, will we be able to offer a flat rate for shipping to the screening location.