Permanent Exhibition

On two floors the permanent exhibition presents exciting exhibits, operable models of historical apparatuses and interactive stations. Large film projections invite visitors to explore moving images and experience the fascination of film as a medium.

Filmic Vision

The first part of the permanent exhibition on the 1st floor of the museum deals with the great variety of visual media of the 18th and 19th centuries and with the invention of film. The question of how cinematic perception works and from which traditions it is fed is explained focusing on the pre- and early history of the medium. The exhibition focuses on the themes of spectacle, movement, recording, projection, moving images and cinema.

Filmic Narration

The second part of the exhibition on the 2nd floor of the museum is dedicated to the principles and means of cinematic storytelling based on the themes: Image, Sound, Montage and Acting. The core message is that the effect of a film depends not only on what it shows, but how it shows it.