Constellations of Cinematic Knowledge // Constellation 2.0

Constellations inspire virtual museum experience

The constellations of the stars are a reflection of tales of heroes, gods, legends, and adventures. They are a testament to creative storytelling that goes back thousands of years. Explorers, pirates, and merchants have used the constellations and their imaginative connections to find their way along foreign coasts and across the vast oceans almost since the dawn of seafaring and long before GPS and satellite navigation. From the earliest times, people have linked these constellations to stories. In Greek mythology, for instance, the nymph Callisto was transformed by Zeus’s jealous wife Hera into a big bear, which was and remains visible in the night sky.

The archives of the DFF are also full of stories. Starting in 2024, the DFF invites its visitor to discover them in the project Constellations of Cinematic Knowledge – Constellation 2.0. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover exciting virtual connections between selected objects from the DFF’s and its partners’ exhibitions, archives and collections. Along curated storylines, new and diverse constellations of cinematic knowledge emerge far beyond the DFF’s exhibition spaces.


Katharina Ewald
Project Manager
Constellation 2.0
Phone: +49 69 961 220 404

Constellation Partner ACMI in Australia

Since August 2021, the DFF has been exploring this novel hybrid approach to storytelling and curating in collaboration with the Museum for Screen Culture ACMI. With its specially developed Lens, ACMI in Melbourne has already integrated the Constellation model into its exhibition concept. The Lens contains a chip that allows the user to scan and “collect” museum objects. The collection is stored on the lens and can be displayed at interactive media stations. From there, collectors can discover connections to other art objects through engaging stories. Based on this experience, the DFF, in collaboration with ACMI and others, is developing a unique concept for its visitors that will enable a virtual extension of a visit to the DFF. The project is supported by MESO Digital Interiors, a member of Frankfurt’s creative industry.

Zwei Hände halten eine Papp-Scheibe, auf der ACMI steht
Interaktiver Constellation-Touchscreen und das Sammel-Tool "Lens" im Museum for Screen Culture ACMI

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Constellations of Cinematic Knowledge // Constellation 2.0 is funded by the Digital Culture program of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.