SchulKinoWochen – Hesse School Cinema Weeks

During annual nationwide School Cinema Weeks, the traditional movie theater becomes an unconventional classroom! Schools are treated to a rich program of films, special events featuring guest speakers from the film industry, workshops designed to deepen classroom collaboration, and professional development opportunities for teachers. The ultimate goal is to promote film education as a fundamental cultural skill within the curriculum.

Within this initiative, the cinema auditorium serves as both a place for experiential learning and a platform for the acquisition of practical knowledge. Here, students are encouraged to actively engage with the unique characteristics of the cinematic medium. They learn to analyze it critically and to navigate it competently. In addition, each film is accompanied by complimentary educational materials that enrich the overall cinematic experience and classroom learning.

“SchulKinoWochen” is a nationwide project of VISION KINO in cooperation with numerous partners, including the ministries of education and culture of the German states and the film industry.

The DFF (Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum) organizes the “SchulKinoWochen Hessen” in cooperation with the Film and Cinema Office of Hesse. This recognized educational program of the State of Hesse is supported by the Hessian Media Authority (LPR Hessen), the Hessian Media Initiative “Schule@Zukunft” and the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung). In addition, the media centers of Hesse and the media project centers of LPR Hessen Open Channel are involved. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts and is funded by HessenFilm und Medien and the Hessian Ministry of Education.