The DFF preserves bequests and film-related materials for scientific research and in more general for future generations as testimonies to cultural history. In addition, DFF’s special collections form an essential basis for the conception and presentation of both in-house and external special exhibitions. Focusing on selected topics, the special collections have been continuously expanded in recent years thanks to donations from private individuals and companies, as well as purchases, permanent loans and deposits.

Our archives contain important collections on various thematic aspects of film history and production. In addition to the collections and estates listed below, we hold special collections of around 100 filmmakers, including screenwriter Thea von Harbou, actors Peter Lorre and Paul Wegener, filmmaker Lotte Reiniger, costume designer Helmut Holger, directors Rudolf Thome and Peter Fleischmann and many more. All collections are stored in our archive and study center at the DFF Fassbinder Center.

The collections and bequests can be viewed by appointment at our visitor center at the DFF Fassbinder Center.

Selection of special collections held by the DFF

  • Archiv X Filme – Film production company
  • Artur Brauner-Archiv – Film production company
  • Brothers Diehl – Puppet Animation Film
  • Oskar Fischinger – Avantgarde film
  • Peter Gauhe – Stills and Set Photography
  • Kurt Hoffmann – German post-war film
  • Otto Hunte – Set design
  • Curd Jürgens – Actor
  • Romuald Karmakar – Director
  • Paul Kemp – Actor
  • Irms Pauli – Costume design
  • Maria Schell – Schauspiel
  • Niklaus Schilling – Director
  • Victor Vicas – Director, Cinematographer, Producer
  • Luggi Waldleitner – Producer
  • Robert Wiene – Author, Director, Producer


Hans-Peter Reichmann (Head of department)
Isabelle Bastian
Susanne Mohr (Assistant requests and loans)
Julia Mücke (Artur Brauner Archive)
Sebastian Schwittay (Poster Collection)

Phone: +49 (0)69 961 220 451
Fax: +49 (0)69 961 220 489
Email: sammlungen(at)