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Wim Wenders visits DFF

Streaming Staff Picks


Exhibition Walkthrough

Map Dauerausstellung 1 DFF

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Disney Digital

Grafik Disney Begleitprogramm

Explore the accompanying programme to our “The Sound of Disney” online.

DFF Blog

Blog des DFF

#ClosedButOpen: Follow our German language blog on all things film and DFF.

Film Blog

Der Flur vor dem Kino Cinema zur Oscar-Night.

In our German language film blog we tell film-related stories about cinema visits and daily life.

Offers for Kids

Foto Basteltipp Daumenkino

Need ideas to keep your kids entertained at home? Check out our handicraft instructions for pinhole cameras, flip books and other optical devices or learn how to write a film review.


Cinema DFF

While cinemas across the country are closed due to COVID, DFF staff and the web community take a look at movie theaters that are special to them. Which cinema is your favourite and why? Let us know!

Pixilation Tutorial

Pixilation Video

Learn how to make Pixilation animation videos with your phone or tablet computer.