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The podcast “Everything is Film” takes a look behind the scenes of the DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum, which uniquely combines museum, cinema, archives, collections, festivals, digital platforms and much more. The podcast is dedicated to cinema and film culture – with conversations around current projects, supra-regional film topics and film historical objects as well as interviews with filmmakers from all over the world who have been guests at the DFF’s cinema. For us, everything is film and film is everything!


The podcast “Film History in Objects” provides insights into the exhibitions, archives and collections of the DFF, which are rich in well-known and rare treasures. in this podcaset staff members talk about exciting stories behind the objects – from anecdotes about their use in filming to their sometimes unexpected relevance to the present and their turbulent provenance history.


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English Podcast: Roanna Rahman and Katharina Ewald highlight the objects of Constellation 2.0

In this episode, photographer Roanna Rahman gives listeners a behind-the-camera look at the beauty and artistry of object photography. She’s currently taking a large number of images of DFF exhibits and objects in the archives that will be part of the Constellation 2.0 user experience. Project Manager Katharina Ewald explains how the images will be incorporated into Constellation 2.0.

English Podcast „Everything is film“ // Part 3: DFF Diversity Manager Rabih El-Khoury about Film and the Arabic Language

On occasion of the World Day of the Arabic Language, DFF Diversity Manager Rabih El-Khoury talks about Film and the Arabic language.

English Podcast “Everything is film” // Part 2: DFF Director Ellen Harrington about the acquisition of the Collection Werner Nekes

In the English-language Podcast series “Everything is film” DFF Director Ellen Harrington talks about the joint acquisition of the Werner Nekes Collection with two partners and eight funders.