English Podcast: Roanna Rahman and Katharina Ewald highlight the objects of Constellation 2.0

Frau beugt sich über einen Glaskasten um etwas darin zu fotografieren

English Podcast: The objects of Constellation 2.0


The stories for the Constellation 2.0 project are blossoming, and soon visitors and special guests will have the opportunity to explore them in the second prototyping lab just after the Easter break, from April 24 to May 5. As the Constellation team refines the technology for the upcoming user experience event, we take some time to talk about the objects that visitors will be able to physically and virtually explore. More specifically, we take a figurative look at the photographs that represent the many exhibits within the Constellation 2.0 sphere.

Photographer and visual artist Roanna Rahman is currently taking professional photographs of the DFF exhibits and archival objects that will be part of the Constellation 2.0 user experience. She gives our listeners a peek behind the camera and explains the beauty and artistry of object photography. Project Manager Katharina Ewald explains how the images will be embedded into Constellation 2.0 and gives us a brief recap of the project’s recent development.

Roanna Rahman
Roanna Rahman
Katharina Ewald
Katharina Ewald
Susanne Hemmerling
Susanne Hemmerling

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