Rhizom Filmgeschichte

Rhizom Filmgeschichte

RHIZOM FILMGESCHICHTE is the name of the new digital education project of the DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum, which is now accessible online at www.rhizom.film. As a sensually designed, intuitively operable extension of filmportal.de, RHIZOM FILMGESCHICHTE presents the first minutes of numerous German films and invites users to discover film history. Thematic paths provide background knowledge on cinematic stylistic devices and on the fascination of film beginnings as a special cinematic form.

The project invites users to playfully immerse themselves in German film history via theme paths or works linked by keywords. In just a few clicks, users can move from silent to sound films, from black-and-white to color films, from Slatan Dudow to Wolfgang Staudte and Helke Sander to Wim Wenders, and learn, as if in passing, what connects these films.

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Ines Bayer
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