‘Our DFF’ would like to open the house even more for the diverse communities in Frankfurt through a variety of events, workshops, pop-up exhibitions and other activities. Under the motto ‘Our house is your house – what should it look like?’, new ideas for opening up the DFF and making it more inclusive will be developed together with partners from various Frankfurt districts and then put into practice. Eventually, the resulting offerings are to become part of the DFF’s education programme.

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How can our house change to reach new target groups? And more importantly: How can those groups become part of the change process from the very beginning? These questions form the starting point of the project. In about 15 consecutive workshops and events inside and outside the museum, the project participants are invited to (re)discover the DFF’s museum space located in the city center and to actively adopt it. Unfortunately, we had to cancel all workshops and events starting from March 2020 due to coronavirus-related restrictions. In October, we were able to have a first event with one of the project partners – the Parent-Child Center “Al Karama” in the Nordweststadt. The project team brought objects from the DFF archive from the pre- and early history of film and exchanged culturally different experiences with film history with a women’s group that meets at the Center weekly. Three days later, the group visited the DFF cinema for the screening of the Egyptian film YOMEDDINE during the “Southern Lights” film festival.

The project concept, which focused on meeting and exchanges with the  partner organisations, and not least on exploring the city districts and the film museum, was adapted to the coronavirus situation. The project team has been conducting digital workshops with some of the partners since the beginning of the year and is also in close exchange with all other partners where digital formats are not possible. A first insight into the results of this exchange, which has been greatly changed by the pandemic, will be available here shortly.

Event at the parent child center 'Al Karama'
Event at the parent child center 'Al Karama'
DFF cinema
Parent child center 'Al Karama'

The initiative ‘Our DFF’ addresses children, teenagers and adults of all ages, educational institutions working in the field of migration, integration and participation as well as multipliers of cultural-political education. The planned series of events is only one element of ‘Our DFF’. Under the title “Frankfurter Filmschatz” (Frankfurt Film Treasure), the project will also develop impulses to rethink film canons together with people living in Frankfurt, who have numerous countries of origin. The aim is to create a collection of 100 film titles that the diverse participants in our project consider worth preserving and wish to guard as their cultural treasure.

A publication documenting the project and its results is expected to be released in July 2021.

Foyer DFF Cinema
A group of the parent child center 'Al Karama' vsiting the DFF
Event at the parent child center 'Al Karama'
Event at the parent child center 'Al Karama'

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