Foyer Exhibition: Our DFF

Ausstellungsfoto Unser DFF

Our DFF  – An Exhibition Project With Young People in Extraordinary Times

We have asked young people: “In what ways do you think the DFF needs to change in order to be experienced as an open and accessible house?”

As the highlight of the intercultural project “Our DFF”, in the course of which various events, workshops and a project week took place from October 2020 to April 2021, the exhibition “Our DFF – An Exhibition Project With Young People in Extraordinary Times” is now on show in the foyer of the DFF. It was developed together with seven teenagers during a digital project week in this year’s Easter holidays.

Visitor Information

The admission fee for the “Our DFF” exhibition is included in the museum ticket. Please read our current safety guidelines before your visit.

We kindly ask visitors, who only want to see the “Our DFF” exhibition to send an email to to register. Your registration is valid once you receive a confirmation email from us.

The Exhibition

For the exhibition, Adele Fierhauser, Azmi Abu-Yabes, Ihab Abu-Damos, Lara Dirbas, Manal El Halfaoui, Salma Gharib and Su Can selected their favourite objects, made self-portraits and collected ideas for a possible (re)design of the foyer.

The exhibition also presents pictures and stories of other participants in the “Our DFF” project: these are – sometimes very personal – insights into the lives of Frankfurt residents with an international history.

The intercultural model project “Our DFF”

How can the DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum open itself up even more to Frankfurt’s diverse communities? How do we have to change to really become a house for everyone? And how can a jointly designed process of change succeed?

These questions formed the starting point of the intercultural model project “Our DFF”, in the course of which events, workshops and a project week took place. The focus of the project, which had to happen mostly online due to the pandemic, was on meeting and exchanging ideas with cooperation partners from different districts of Frankfurt. Together with them, ideas and concepts for opening up the house were developed, which will become part of the DFF’s outreach programme in the long term.

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