Light Playground - Film Exhibition and Experiments for Children

Enter a world of cinematic wonder at LIGHT PLAYGROUND, where the DFF will be transformed into a dynamic cinema, an experimental playground and an immersive experience designed especially for young children. Together with their families, educators and teachers, children between the ages of three and eight, in particular, but also younger and older children, are invited to unleash their creativity, to embark on a journey of the imagination and to discover the magical world of film. The exhibition welcomes individual families as well as organized groups, such as school classes and kindergartens.

The experience begins in the exhibition theater, where a selection of short silent films from the early days of cinema, award-winning animated films, and poetic documentaries light up the big screen and spark children’s curiosity about the world of film. After this introduction, the real experiments begin.

Throughout the exhibition, children can engage with various interactive stations created by the Dutch artist collective Taartrovers. Here they can play together and immerse themselves in the fundamental elements of filmmaking. They can learn how to bring images to life, discover the art of animation, understand the transformative power of music and sound in film, explore the role of light and shadow in cinematography, and experience the magic of projection. They will also gain insight into the importance of sets, props, and costumes. At the end of their visit, they will return to the theater to see what’s happening on the screen with a pair of fresh eyes.

Sebastian Rosenow & Samira Jakobi
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Children can explore the exhibition with their families or accompanied by educators from schools or daycare centers. The ‘Light Players’, specially trained staff, introduce visitors to the installations and offer assistance if needed. However, the stations are designed to allow younger children to play independently. After the initial introduction, facilitators, educators and parents typically remain in the background, intervening only when necessary. Most installations can accommodate more than one child at a time.

There are eight installations in the exhibition. For group visits, these are divided into two parts, each with four stations and a dedicated theater. To fully experience all stations, a second visit is recommended for groups.

Please note that adults without children will not be admitted. Professional visitors are welcome by appointment.



Short film programs on the big screen bring the fascinating world of film to life.



Children draw their own stories on transparent walls while listening to music. They can collaborate with someone on the other side of the wall or use the images on another frame as a backdrop, reminiscent of analog cel animation in cartoons.



In a small maze, children play with projection and shadows, projecting symbols and letters and sharing images with others. Small cabinets of mirrors create mesmerizing kaleidoscopic effects.

Lichztlabor_Aileen de Ruijter (2)


How does projection work? Children can explore color, light and projection in a small landscape of projectors and light tables. They can feel the warmth of the light, watch projections on the walls, draw lines in the sand, create mosaic collages, and experience the magic of light while gaining a basic understanding of cinema technology.



Children create a stage space with props, put on costumes, and take on different roles in the studio. A glimpse through the camera lens transforms their scene into a creative space.

Tastspiel_Tactiele_installatie_3 kopie


What does the red thread feel like? Where does it lead? Can you draw lines with it? And how funny do these buttons look in a movie? Kids can experiment with creating images with different materials: moving buttons, playing with thread, creating patterns, taking pictures, and making a stop-motion movie with their family.



Discover the magic of animation and how images come to life at this station, where children create their own wonder disk (thaumatrope) and make a short stop-motion movie.



Children can explore how music, sound, and language affect films by adding live sound to silent films using everyday household appliances, musical instruments, and their own voices.

For Kindergartens & Primary Schools

The time slots for group visits are reserved until the end of the exhibition period. We are delighted about the great interest.

For Families / individual visitors

No reservation required:

Tuesday through Friday 2 pm to 5:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 6 pm
During school vacations:
Tuesday to Friday 11 am to 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 6 pm

The number of people who can visit the LICHTSPIELPLATZ at the same time is limited: 20 people are admitted every 30 minutes. To avoid waiting times, we strongly recommend booking a time slot online – especially for weekend visits: Booking platform


Duration: 90 Minuten

Group size: 15 children + accompanying adults. Larger school classes will be split into two groups on site to explore different parts of the exhibition for a more personalized experience.

Admission: 60 EUR for groups consosting of up to 16 children>

To allow all children to play extensively, stations are divided into two sections for group visits. If a group wishes to try all the stations, a second visit is recommended. Meal breaks can be taken in the DFF foyer. Visits to the exhibition outside of the above-mentioned times can be arranged by prior arrangement. The LIGHT PLAYGROUND can also be booked for children’s birthday parties!

Für Schulklassen: Kostenfreie Buchung für Schnellentschlossene dank einer hessenweiten Förderung durch Löwenstark – Der BildungsKICK


Duration: Allow a total of 90 to 120 minutes to visit the LIGHT PLAYGROUND.


5 EUR per child

7 EUR per adult

4 EUR for students, people with disabilities, and the unemployed

10 EUR for the combination ticket for adults, which includes a visit to the permanent exhibition (except on Mondays)

7 EUR for the combination ticket for children over 6 years, which includes a visit to the permanent exhibition (except on Mondays)

5 EUR for the combination ticket for children under 6 years, which includes a visit to the permanent exhibition (except on Mondays)

Please note: Children play on the LIGHT PLAYGROUND without street shoes. Please feel free to bring slippers or an extra pair of warm socks.


Childhood in Film: Film Series at the DFF Cinema
Every month until May 2024, the DFF cinema will show a selection of films on the theme of “Childhood in Film” for an adult audience as part of a film series accompanying the exhibition. The films depict different aspects of childhood, creating a multifaceted picture through their interplay. Each month’s film explores a common aspect of childhood – from family to fantasy, from play to fear. The protagonists of the films are always the same age as the young visitors to the new exhibition, bringing a child’s perspective to the screen.


Sebastian Rosenow (Film Education, DFF) introduces the LIGHT PLAYGROUND:

Taartrovers is a Dutch foundation dedicated to film education projects for young children. Their installations provide a fun and imaginative way for children to explore the creative world of cinema. Taartrovers invites children to use all their senses to understand how images are brought to life, to play with these images and to make them their own. Taartrovers encourages children to express their feelings, thoughts and stories through art. They create educational materials and installations tailored for young children, tour theaters, community centers, museums, and schools, and offer lectures and workshops on early childhood education.

Ellen M. Harrington

Curator & Exhibition Management

Daria Berten (until July 2023), Tim Heptner

together with the Department of Film Education and Didactic Outreach
Sebastian Rosenow, Samira Jakobi, Christine Kopf, Daniela Dietrich

A Collaboration with
Director: Tessa van Grafhorst
Graphic Design: Iris van der Eijken
Installation Architect: Saskia de Valk
Install Manager: Floor Mulder

Conception of the film programs for exhibition cinema and accompanying film series
Sebastian Rosenow, Samira Jakobi

Target Group Marketing

Samira Jakobi, Sebastian Rosenow

Design of exhibition room and fixtures as well as construction supervision
Tonia Bürkle, blaugrauraum

Media Production
Michael Kinzer

Holz+Stahl Dietrich GmbH

Ronald Winning

Graphics Production
Types on Foil

AV Equipment
Satis&Fy, Markus Berger

Stefan Zimmermann Lightsolutions

Cinema Department
Natascha Gikas (Dept. Head), Andreas Beilharz, Björn Schmitt

Press and Public Relations
Frauke Haß (Dept. Head), Marie Brüggemann, Jürgen Kindlmann, Naima Wagner

Birgit Wickenhäuser, Claus Wiedemann (until October 2023)

Marie Brüggemann, Tim Heptner, Samira Jakobi, Sebastian Rosenow, Micaela Leon, Marie-Christin Severin, Annabelle Zimmermann

Thanks to
The partner daycare center “Grüne Soße” (Karin Knauf, Bettina Marsden, Verena Mühlenbeck, Simona Trolio)
The educators of the LIGHT PLAYGROUND as well as Susanne Becker, Helen Kahsai, Ismail Merzak, Eric Schlegel, Team Box office & visitor experience associates, Team IT and the DFF staff for their ideas and feedback.

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Images: Taartrovers, Almicheal Fraay, Aileen de Ruijter