Cinema Program September 2023


Film Programs
Preview: Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair Slovenia, Retrospective of Jeanine Meerapfel
Carte Blanche Alexandra Maria Lara
Streitfilme: The Frankfurt Film Days on Democracy, Conflict, and Dispute
The Other America – The USA in the Eyes of the GDR
What’s New in German Film?
OUT OF AND IN FOCUS. A Jewish Film History of West Germany
50 Years Since the Coup in Chile
Festival exf f. Robert Beavers / Sarah Pucill
Pre-Code Musicals. Hollywood’s Musical Experiments before the Hays Code
Cult Movies
Film Club Treppe 41
Zombie Classics
LETsDOK. Hessian Documentary Film Day
Doctors Without Borders
Children’s Cinema

Cover DFF Kinoprogramm 08/2023