Please note the following when buying online tickets:

  1. With the purchase of a ticket for “The Sound of Disney” you may also visit the permanent exhibition for free. Separate tickets for the permanent exhibition are currently not available.
  2. Due to the current Coronavirus-related restrictions, we can only offer a limited amount of tickets. We thank you for your understanding!
  3. In case you cannot or don’t want to buy your tickets online, you can request a reservation via; the reservation is only valid when it is confirmed 24 hours before the time of your visit. The confirmation of reservations is subject to the availability of tickets in the requested time slot.
  4. Reduced-price tickets and free tickets can also be purchased online. Please show your reduced or free ticket as well as a supporting document (student ID, certificate of disability, etc) at the museum box office before entering the exhibitions.
  5. Please leave jackets, bag packs and large handbags in our lockers on the lower level.

No information available at the moment.

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