Director Hinde Boujemaa on NOURA RÊVE

AFRICA ALIVE 2021 // Guest: Hinde Boujemaa

Hinde Boujemaa talks with Rabih El-Khoury (DFF) about NOURA RÊVE

Conversation recorded on at DFF cinema on 3 September 2021.

Noura works in the laundry of a hospital to earn money for herself and her children as a single mother, since her exploitative husband Jamel is in prison. She dreams of starting a new life with her lover Lassad and has secretly filed for divorce. Things are going well until Jamel is unexpectedly pardoned by the president and released from prison. Now Noura must confront not only her husband’s threats, but also society’s rigid patriarchal rules.

NOURA’S DREAM, the impressive debut film by Tunisian writer-director Hinde Boujemaa describes the fragility of women’s position in the Tunisian legal system and reflects on issues of masculinity, power, corruption and domestic violence.

NOURA RÊVE. Tunisia/
France/Belgium/Qatar 2020
Director: Hinde Boujemaa