Wednesday, July 6th, 2022

7 PM: Special reception in the foyer
8 PM: Urs Spörri (DFF) in conversation with actor Jürgen Prochnow about his work.
ca. 8:45 PM: Film screening

Germany 2020. Dir: Jakob Zapf
Cast: Jürgen Prochnow, Milena Pribak, Pegah Ferydoni. 94 mins. DCP
Konrad is 85 and in a bad mood: His daughter wants to adopt the children of her lesbian partner. And then ten-year-old Thurba, who had fled when her family was scheduled to be deported, breaks into his house. Armed with a nail gun, Konrad accidentally injures the girl – from then on, both fates are intertwined.
Post-screening conversation with director Jakob Zapf and Jürgen Prochnow


Jürgen Prochnow (*1941) is one of the most internationally successful German actors. His film career began in New German Cinema, and he caused a sensation with his leading roles as a convict in Reinhard Hauff’s DIE VERROHUNG DES FRANZ BLUM (DE 1974) and DIE KONSEQUENZ (DE 1977) by Wolfgang Petersen, who cast Prochnow again in 1981 as a submarine captain in the classic war film DAS BOOT. Prochnow’s distinctive characters – mostly taciturn loners with the capacity for emotional outbursts – also allowed him to succeed in Hollywood: In David Lynch’s DUNE (US/MX 1984) he played Duke Atreides, in THE SEVENTH SIGN (US 1988) he fascinated as the recurring Jesus alongside Demi Moore. Numerous blockbusters relied on Prochnow, among them BEVERLY HILLS COP II (US 1987), JUDGE DREDD (US 1995), THE ENGLISH PATIENT (US 1996), AIR FORCE ONE (US 1997) and John Carpenter’s horror cult film IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS (US 1994). In the star-studded apartheid drama A DRY WHITE SEASON (US 1989), Prochnow was part of the ensemble cast around Donald Sutherland, Susan Sarandon and Marlon Brando. Prochnow is still active and in high demand today: Most recently, he was seen as the protagonist in EINE HANDVOLL WASSER (DE 2020), the feature debut of Frankfurt-based director Jakob Zapf.