English Podcast // Interview with DFF Director Ellen Harrington: Between Digitization and Pandemic – What is next for the DFF?

Ellen Harrington has been director of the DFF since January 2018. The fact that at that time the DFF was not even the name of the institution already gives a first impression of how dynamic the past two and  half years have been. The DFF has given itself a new name, and a reimagined mission statement which underscores the institution’s role as a bridge between the past and the future, while emphasizing its international reach. In this first episode of the new English-language podcast series „Everything is film“ Frauke Haß talks to Ellen Harrington about her ideas and visions for the DFF, and the special challenges it is currently facing in the era of digitization and pandemic.

Ellen M. Harrington
Ellen Harrington
Frauke Haß
Frauke Haß

Here you can find timecodes for the different topics of the episode:

00:00  Ellen Harrington takes up her position: past and present of the DFF as institution
07:30  Looking at the scope of the DFF’s activities
15:04  Current challenges of film heritage institutions
23:55  Upcoming projects

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