Chantal Akerman. Lecture by Claire Atherton about D’EST

The Inventor of Forms. The Cinema of Chantal Akerman

»Film editing with Chantal Akerman« Lecture by Claire Atherton.

13.12.2018 at the DFF cinema.

In 1986 Claire Atherton edited Chantal Akerman’s LETTERS HOME, an filmic adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s letters. This film marked the beginning of a thirty-year collaboration that lasted until Akerman’s last film NO HOME MOVIE and her last installation NOW.

In her lecture, Atherton talked about this collaboration in general and the work on D’EST in particular. “I remember editing the film D’EST together with Chantal Akerman. It was like a composition, both musically and visually. We were working on a sculpture of space and time, looking for the right rhythm. We cut the film the way Chantal had filmed it: following our intuition, without wanting to understand the process”.

Film: D’EST. From the East
France/Belgium 1993
Director: Chantal Akerman