Film talk with Ing K. about KHON GRAAB MAA

Gary Vanisian (Filmkollektiv Frankfurt e.V.) in conversation with Ing K.

Event at DFF, 15.3.2017

The Thai artist, writer and filmmaker Ing Kanjanavanit, known under the artist name Ing K, is one of the most interesting and daring Southeast Asian filmmakers of our time. The Filmkollektiv Frankfurt e.V. dedicated a complete show to her.

Born in Bangkok in 1959, she initially worked as a journalist specializing in environmental issues. In 2009 her film CITIZEN JULING was shown at the Forum of the Berlinale. In her blog “Bangkok Love Letter” she gives unadulterated insights into the abysses of everyday life under the military dictatorship in her home country.

Film: KHON GRAAB MAA My Teacher Eats Biscuits
Thailand 1998.
Director: Ing K. Cast: Tarini, Krissada Clapp, Malina P.
120 mins. 16mm. English OV, partly Thai. OV with English subtitles.

A monk is accused of having sexual intercourse with corpses, shortly after he disappears in the sea. On another level of consciousness, a US American follows his wife who, in her Thai homeland, has entered a mysterious temple where a dog is worshipped as a god. In her first feature film MY TEACHER EATS BISCUITS, Ing K cites underground icon John Waters as one of her role models. Thai censorship banned the film because of religious insults. Like her second feature SHAKESPEARE MUST DIE (2012), it has never been shown in public in Thailand.