Kubrick’s 2001. Lecture by Richard Daniels about the Kubrick Archive in London


“A Clockwork Archive”
Lecture by Richard Daniels (London/Berlin)

31.3.2018 at the DFF cinema.

Richard Daniels’ lecture focuses on the extensive Stanley Kubrick Archive of the University of the Arts London. How did the collection come into being, under what circumstances did it end up at the university – and what has happened to the documents and props contained in the archive since then? Richard Daniels sheds light on interesting facets of the filmmaker’s life and work and provides new insights gained by research carried out at the archive.

Richard Daniels worked in the Stanley Kubrick Archive of the University of the Arts London (UAL) for more than ten years. In addition, he researches, teaches, and publishes on the life and work of Stanley Kubrick and his archive, speaking in lectures and interviews inside and outside Great Britain. He is co-editor of the highly acclaimed book Stanley Kubrick: New Perspectives.