Leading Actress Adila Bendimerad about KINDIL EL BAHR

RAPTURE OF THE DEEP // Conversation about KINDIL EL BAHR (AL/KW/US 2016).
Adila Bendimerad (leading actress KINDIL EL BAHR) in conversation with Rabih El-Khoury (DFF).

Pre-recorded on Zoom for the event at the DFF cinema on July 28th, 2022 .

In a double screening, the DFF cinema takes a look at rather unknown mythologies of the Arab world that deal with female aquatic beings. In KINDIL EL BAHR, a woman is drowned by several men and returns as a jellyfish-like avenging angel.

The event is part of the series accompanying DFF’s special exhibition RAPTURE OF THE DEEP. Film Under Water.

KINDIL EL BAHR (Beach of No Return)
Algeria/Kuwait/USA 2016
Director: Damien Ounouri