Tropical Underground. Lecture by Renato Coelho about O VAMPIRO DA CINEMATECA


“Jairo Ferreira: An Inventive Cinema”
Lecture by Renato Coelho (São Paulo)

06.12.2017 at the DFF cinema.

Jairo Ferreira (1945-2003) from São Paulo is known as a critic and filmmaker. But he is also the author of Cinema de invenção (Cinema of invention), a book about the films and filmmakers of the Cinema Marginal that has become a classic. Among his own films is O vampiro da cinemateca (The Vampire of the Cinematheque), a feature-length Super 8 film that he made between 1975 and 1977. The film is a powerful mixture of experimental, documentary and fiction film.

Renato Coelho is a filmmaker and film scholar and teaches at Anhembi Morumbi University (UAM, São Paulo). Among his most important films are the short films Trem (Train, 2015) and A propósito de Willer (Regarding Claudio Willer, 2016, together with Priscyla Bettim). He is also the author of the monograph O cinema e a crítica de Jairo Ferreira.

Film: O VAMPIRO DA CINEMATECA The Vampire of the Cinematheque
Brazil 1977.
Director: Jairo Ferreira.
Cast: Júlio Calasso, Jairo Ferreira, Luiz Alberto Fiori. 64 mins. DigiBeta. OV with English subtitles.

In O VAMPIRO DA CINEMATECA Ferreira develops a poetic representation of his idea of “inventive cinema” without a plot in the classical sense. Ferreira mixes situations of everyday life in the streets of São Paulo with scenes from classics of film history, which he filmed from television or from a projection with his Super 8 camera. The author as a vampire sucks from various sources – not only in cinema, but also in poetry and music – and creates a portrait of his time.