Year-Round Training for Educators

In the further education offerings of the DFF, teachers acquire media education competence while also gaining orientation for the interdisciplinary and cross-school competence development of students.

The events refer to the portfolio “Media Education Competence for Hessian Teachers.” In the individual offerings, reference is made to the corresponding competence areas: Media Theory and Media Society (1.1), Didactics and Methods of Media Use (1.2), Media Usage (1.3), Media and School Development (1.4), Teacher Role and Professional Development (1.5).

In addition, the further education programs are oriented towards the “Practical Guide for Media Competence” developed by the Hessian Ministry of Education as part of the strategy of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs “Education in the Digital World.” This guide is intended to assist teachers in introducing and developing media skills in the classroom with students. Teaching examples developed during the events can be included in the practical guide and further developed individually depending on the teaching situation. The DFF not only values the resulting outcome but, above all, the creative and artistic process. The primary focus is on independent aesthetic experiences that film conveys through its history, aesthetics, and impact.

The further education programs are conducted in cooperation with the Hessian Teachers’ Academy, the Hessian Media Authority (LPR Hessen), and VISION KINO. The events can be booked on-site at schools (in subject-specific committees or as a pedagogical day), at Hessian media and media project centers, as well as digitally through the weekly schedule. All events are accredited by the Hessian Teachers’ Academy.