Artur Brauner Film Posters

Artur Brauner at 100 – An Homage in Film Posters

This virtual collection of 299 posters shows the diversity of themes, design techniques, and, above all, the artistic engagement with films from German postwar cinema to the present. As a film producer, Artur Brauner, who turned 100 in August 2018, made films of all genres. From adventure films, comedies, romances, pop and music films to melodramas, literary adaptations and crime thrillers, the posters are not only attractive advertising media for the films of Brauner’s production company CCC Film and their respective distributors, they are also representative of 70 years of German popular culture. With illustrations of stars such as Caterina Valente, Curd Jürgens, Romy Schneider, Maria Schell, O. W. Fischer, Ruth Leuwerik, Lex Barker, and many others who have so strongly influenced the memory of films in Germany since the 1950s, the posters also represent contemporary tastes, developments in printing technology, and social conventions. From an artistic point of view, the changing aesthetics of graphic design are striking in every decade. The clear demands of the distribution companies for the representation of the respective star, the representation of the respective genre, as well as the development of the drawn poster towards the use of photomontage are also evident.

The collection of Artur Brauner film posters presented in this online exhibition does not claim to be complete. It documents the holdings of the DFF as well as the Artur Brauner Archive (ABA), which is housed at the DFF at the time of the exhibition’s creation (August 2018).