The Curd Jürgens Collection

Curd Jürgens: Theatre, Film and Television Actor, Director, Author, Singer – Bon Vivant and World Star.

He was not like Marlene Dietrich, who, as if it were possible to forestall the transience of the body and to survive with objects, meticulously kept everything of and pertaining to herself. Unlike Romy Schneider, Curd Jürgens has no active fan base that collects each and every keepsake and preserves them in carefully guarded inventories. The preserved estate, which is presented in this online exhibition, is a store-house whose composition is haphazard, and consequently of such interest.

The photos, letters and screenplays served as Curd Jürgens’ own recollection of private and professional events. Even though it contains several thousand newspaper clippings, the collection does not aim to be exhaustive, and does not completely document his whole life and career. What it does document are the things which Curd Jürgens himself considered important – his theatre work, his personal projects, both realised and unrealised, and the records pertaining to his position as artist.