Belgium 2018. D: Lukas Dhont
105 mins. Recommended for age group 14+

Lara has been accepted at one of the best ballet schools in the country, but now the 15-year-old finally also wants to start hormone therapy and have gender-affirming surgery. Because although Lara is a young woman, she still has the body of a boy. She glues her penis firmly away, and constantly checks her feminine features in the mirror. At the same time, the ballerina trains to exhaustion. Although her father stands behind her unreservedly, doctors and psychologists are there for her, Lara increasingly closes herself off. When she is forbidden to dance for health reasons, Lara can no longer stand waiting. (

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Genre/Type: Drama, Coming-of-Age
Topics: adulthood, identity, dreams, medicine, gender, family, tolerance, competitive sports
School Subjects: ethics, biology, social studies, German, sports

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