Film Talk with Mariano Llinás about LA FLOR


Director Mariano Llinás in conversation with Björn Schmitt

11.09.2019 at the DFF cinema.

Mariano Llinás’ LA FLOR was on of the highlights of the festival season 2019. On 11 September, director Mariano Llinás was a guest at the DFF cinema to talk about his work. Filmed over a period of almost ten years and almost 14 hours in length, the film is less the work of an individual than a joint production of the director and the four leading actresses of the theatre group Piel de Lava.

LA FLOR can be described as a wildly fabulous cinema machine that in six episodes plays with various genres and forms of representation in film history – including the B-movie, the music film or the espionage thriller – but also shows references to the literary postmodernism of the works of Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortazar or Thomas Pynchon.

Unlike comparable major film projects, LA FLOR is characterized by a lightness that makes the film an entertaining experience. Llinás’s work constantly creates new connections between the individual episodes and is thus, in its entirety, above all a work about the pleasure of filmic storytelling itself.

Argentina 2018
Director: Mariano Llinás