Film Analysis at the Cinema

The DFF Cinema is transformed into an educational hub for students and young learners. Through carefully curated programs and guided film discussions, participants gain a deeper understanding of the history and aesthetics of the medium while critically analyzing the various cinematic techniques employed. Students can choose from three different thematic areas, each tailored to their age group:

  • Pioneers of Silent Cinema
    Animated films
    Experimental Cinema
  • These themes are carefully adapted to the age of the participants. The film education team plays a pivotal role in the experience by moderating the screenings, providing a comprehensive introduction to cinematic principles, and facilitating engaging discussions about the films screened.

    Specifically designed for preschoolers and students (ages 6 and up):
    In this context, the movie theater becomes more than just a place to watch movies; it becomes a magical space that continues to capture the imagination of young people. In the “Cinema Magic” program, preschoolers and students embark on an immersive exploration of the cinema, encompassing all its facets and scrutinizing its physical layout. In the screening room, they are introduced to the tangible aspects of film and have the opportunity to interact with the projectionists. In this interactive session, the projectionists reveal the secrets of early films and illustrate the intricate interplay between image and sound. This enriching experience concludes with the screening of a short film that brings together all that has been learned.

    Duration: Approximately 1 hour
    Costs: Students €40 / Adults €80 (flat rate) plus €3 per person.

    Information and Booking:
    Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM
    Tel.: +49 69 961 220 – 223