Film Analysis at the Cinema

The cinema of the DFF as a place of learning for pupils and students: In selected programmes and a guided film talk, participants learn more about the history and aesthetics of the medium and critically examine the cinematic means of creation. They can choose from three thematic focal points, each of which is presented in an age-appropriate way:

  • Pioneers of Silent Film
  • Animated Film
  • Experimental film

Our film pedagogical team moderates the screening, gives introductions to the filmic principles and encourages a film analytic discussion about the shown films.

For preschool children and other pupils (6 years and older)

Cinema is not only a screening venue for films, but also a very special place that can enchant young people. In our KinoMagie programme, preschool children and older pupils explore the cinema as a place in all its facets and take a close look at the spatial situation. In the projection room they get to know the film in its materiality – and of course the projectionists, who in an interactive unit tell them secrets about early films and demonstrate the realtion between image and sound. Finally, a short film will be shown.

Duration: ca. 1 hour
Admission Fee: 35,- Euro plus 3,- Euro per person

Information and Bookings:
Monday through Friday 10:00 – 15:00
Phone: +49 69 961 220 – 223