Workshop: PixilMe

This workshop follows the experimental filmmaker Norman McLaren’s approach to use humans as animated figures. McLaren for example let a man jump and repeatedly photographed him mid-air. He then combined the individual frames and played them at film speed to create the impression that the man can fly. McLaren invented the term Pixilation for this. After watching a few example films, participants get to try out the technique and shoot their own film with the tablet.

Duration: depending on the course either ca. 1,5 hours or 3 hours (incl.  exhibition visit)

Group size: 12 pupils max.
Admission fee: 35,- EUR / 60,- EUR plus. 3,- EUR per person.
Alter: 5th graders or older

Information and Bookings:
Monday through Friday: 10:00 – 15:00
Phone: +49 69 961 220 – 223