Workshop: PixilMe

Tablet Pixilation: The starting point for this workshop is the experimental films of director Norman McLaren, which he created using stop-motion techniques. Instead of using lifeless objects as seen in other stop-motion films, McLaren employed people as animated characters. For instance, he had a man repeatedly jump into the air and captured him in mid-flight. When these individual frames are assembled and played back at regular film speed, it creates the illusion of the man flying. McLaren coined the term ‘pixilation’ for this technique. After viewing sample films, attendees will engage in hands-on experimentation within small groups, using tablets to craft their own films.

Duration: Optional, approximately 1.5 hours (Short module) or 3 hours (including exhibition visit)
Group Size: Up to 12 people
Cost for Students: €40 / €80 flat rate plus €3 per person
Age: From 5th grade onwards

Cost for Adults: (1.5 hours) €80 flat rate plus €3 per person
Outside Opening Hours: (1.5 hours) €160 flat rate plus €3 per person

Information and Booking:
Monday – Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM
Tel.: +49 69 961 220 – 223

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