Kenia 2018. D: Wanuri Kahiu
Cast: Samantha Mugatsia, Sheila Munyiva, Jimmi Gathu. 83 mins. Recommended for age group 14+

Kena with the skateboard and Ziki with the brightly coloured dreadlocks don’t want to be “good Kenyan girls” who are just waiting for a husband. Instead, they dream of travelling, of studying medicine and of no longer having to hide their love for each other under the guise of friendship. Their lives are as colourful, intense and dangerous as their laughter is contagious. A film about courage, hope and the magic of first love. [vision-kino.com]

Available at the Salzgeber Club on Vimeo (rent 4.90 €, buy 9.90 €). The Salzgeber Club is the streaming service of the film distributor Salzgeber.

Themes: Homosexuality, Africa, Kenya, gender/gender roles, identity, family, individual (and society), friendship, love, future plans, religion
School Subjects: English, geography, social studies, politics, ethics, religion

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