Germany 2019. D: Nora Fingscheidt
120 mins. Recommended for age group 16+

Bernadette, called Benni, is wild, aggressive and unpredictable. School ban, foster families, residential groups, special school: Benni has already been through everything, and everywhere she goes she gets kicked out again. Actually she only wants one thing, to live with her mother again. But for her mother Bianca, to have Benni as an integral part of her everyday life is simply not possible. Anti-violence trainer Micha dares one last attempt and plans three weeks of experiential education without electricity and running water in the countryside with Benni. The time in the forest is a tough test for both of them. Will it solve Benni’s problems? (

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Genre/Type: Drama
Topics: Education, Behavioral disturbance, Family, Reference person, Aggression, Violence
School Subjects: ethics, psychology, biology, pedagogy, vocational orientation

Trailer, further information and educational material accompanying the film is available on the website of SchulKinoWochen Hessen.

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