MAXIMUM MINIMALISM. A conversation with Deborah Stratman

Deborah Stratman in conversation with Lou Burkart

29.09.2018 at the DFF cinema.

The works of the American artist and director Deborah Stratman – be they documentaries, experimental works or essays – do not like clearly defined places or figures. Rather, they take the audience on a journey and put them in a place where they are confronted with challenges. Stratman uses different sources, different narratives and thus different material: film and video. She emphasizes heterogeneity and consciously works with friction in all processes of her hybrid projects. Within a film, contrasting genres meet time and again – thriller, portrait film, road movie. Her works are often connected with the socio-political environment, which she questions with reference to the history of Illinois and other regions of the world. Science and landscape are omnipresent in her art both on the image and on the sound level.