The DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum is a unique place of experience for those interested in culture and cinema. We offer an extensive programme with exhibitions, film series and numerous projects aimed at strengthening the cultural and social significance of film on a German and European level. In order to do this importat work, we need friends to support us: film enthusiasts, cineasts and people interested in culture who are actively involved, provide financial support and volunteer their time.


More than 300 cineasts and culture lovers have already joined and became friends of the DFF. With their annual contributions, they enable the purchase of exhibits and archival materials and support film series that are particularly expensive due to high film rents or travel and hotel costs for film guests. Friends take an active part in what is happening at the DFF. They visit our exhibitions together, gather at the cinema regulars’ meeting in our filmcafé, get guided tours through our archives and organise excursions to film-relevant destinations.

Our friends benefit from reduced admission to the cinema, free admission to the exhibitions and other advantages.

Become a friend of the DFF – help to preserve the film heritage and let yourself be inspired!


Museum Embankment Festival 2019

Also this year the friends organized a big raffle to support the DFF at the Museum Embankment Festival. Here is a phote of the lucky winners, Karen and Sylke, together with the friends‘ chairwoman Margot Müller (right).